Our company was born in the early Sixties. It was named ROTANT and was located in a small factory in the Civate village on Lake of Lecco.

The first production was handmade and every single pump was tailor-made.


The first oil lubricated vacuum pumps were supplied to the local food industries.

As time went by our vacuum pumps were used all over the national territory. ROTANT became one of the leaders of the Italian market by the end of the Seventies.

Later the export market received the product very favourably.


With the participation to different International Trade Shows, the first deserved big successes arrive.

Hence began the sale of our products all over the world, in co-operation with distributors in the different continents.
Product reliability distinguishes us, giving prestige and visibility to the company brand.


In January 1993 ROTANT name changed and become P.V.R.


In the spring of 1995 the company moved to a new facility in the close-by town of Valmadrera.

The new factory was the first important step of the company growth from the point of view of quality, production and safety on the workplace.


In June 1997 P.V.R. purchased Microvood, an Italian manufacturer of mini-vacuum pumps and compressors.


In 1988, P.V.R. was awarded a prize from Lombardy Region as one of the first 50 best companies regarding safety in the workplace (dlgs 626/94).


In 2001, P.V.R. received ISO 9001:2000 certification from TÜV Italia.


In 2004 an important trade agreement was signed with Aerzener, a world-wide leader in the production of positive displacement blowers for compressed air and for high vacuum.
  As well in 2004 the Chamber of Commerce awards P.V.R. the gold medal for implementing processes and programs from Internationalization Enterprises.


In August 2007 the expansion continues with the opening of the new head-office just a hundred meters from the existing plant.


On December 21st 2011 Agilent Technologies Inc. announces acquisition of P.V.R. srl. 






On July 1st. 2012 the company becomes Agilent Technologies Italia spa. 


Today, Agilent Technologies Italia spa boasts a solid experience in the manufacture of vacuum pumps ranging from 4 m3/h. to 1239 m3/h.

Agilent is one of the world leading companies manufacturing rotary vane vacuum pumps.